Austin Equine Hospital
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Who's Who
Drs. O'Gan and Evans took a moment to write, in quotes, a brief, silly biography for each staff member that will tell you more about them than any amount of factual information (click photos for real bios).
Coley Gold
"Dr. O'Gan is upset to be replaced as "Best Dressed" at Austin Equine, but Coley is just so great at her job that he'll have to get over it."
Micaela Betts
"She's from Texarkana and loves cars - she says her next car will be a BMW. Anyone who has made it from almost Arkansas to a Beamer is on their way up in this world and we are lucky to be along for the ride."
Adam Foss
"He is our new weekend barn manager and he's already won over DJ and Lucy, which is a great sign!"
Alyssa Zuniga
"Alyssa manages our barn. She works super hard, she's always on the move, and she does it with a bit of a strut!"
Adrienne Russell
"She speaks with her actions, which makes her very popular with the horses, who typically don't speak."
Kaitlyn McDaniel
"Kaitlyn was a collegiate swimmer, which will come in handy as we have thrown her right into the deep end of equine technician work."

Krista Adams
"Wimberly has master craftspeople, master brewers, and one master longer who we are lucky to have on our staff. She could longe a dragon if you asked her to."
Jessica Dziekan
"She started volunteering with us when she was in High School and now she's a full-time veterinary Technician for us, we are shocked and happy she still wants to be around us."
Tilly Ingall
"What do Wyoming and Connecticut have in common? Tilly."
Leah Vural
"She's an expert in fiber arts and putting up with Dr. White. Not easy."
Stephanie Barrett
"You would not believe how much it cost us to import this irascible Belgium. It's been worth every penny."
Jessica Collins-Matcek
"That's right, she's a bona fide Certified Veterinary Practice Manager! She'd have to be to manage all of us. Next time you have her on the phone, ask her how she got her nickname, Cat Poop Collins. Oh, and pay your bill."
Jessica Dixon
"Canadians are notoriously friendly to people. Turns out they're even friendlier to horses! You and your horse will love Dr. Dixon's powerful laugh!"
Sarah Holloman
"She is obsessed with BBQ, sheep (?), and hails from the burial place of Billy the Kid. A true Texan, with a smile as big as our state!"
Ines Bougatef
"She speaks three languages, well, four if you count how well she can communicate with your horse. Wait, five - she can talk to horse people, too."
Samantha Eifert
"Dr. Eifert loves horses, cows and Florida Gators; hopefully for the cows and horses, not all at once. Although if anyone could take care of all three simultaneously, it would be her."
Brynn Taylor
"You think her smile is big? Check out her guns! Ok, her smile is still bigger."
Holly Martin
"Sheeee's back! If you don't remember Dr. Martin from her internship here, prepare to be wowed. And prepare for some great baked goods, if you behave."
Sarah White
"'We'll take one red headed surgeon.'", we said. We had no idea what we were asking for, but you should ask for her too."
JoLynn Joyce
"She's beautiful, talented, and she knows your life story. Oh, she doesn't? She will. And you'll be all the better for it."
Damon O'Gan
"Dr. O'Gan has really great hair."
Matt Evans
"Dr. Evans does not
have great hair."
DJ and Lucy
"Jack Asses"